What We’re About

Wineteeny is a fashion brand designed in Virginia, USA and we make bold, beautiful, fun, humorous, and creative wearable art t-shirts for people who love wine and love the wine industry. We offer high performance-priced products including women’s and men’s t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, tank tops, masks, mugs and more.

We also strive to provide an easy way to find great Wine, Wine Gifts and Wine Accessories.

Wineteeny was established by a mom, military veteran and a preachers’ kid from New Jersey, that didn’t have her first alcoholic drink until she was 33 years old. That’s because she was raised believing that drinking was bad, although Jesus turned the water into Wine.

In her youth she enjoyed drawing and has always embraced her creative side. As she discovered her love of wine and the history of wine, she decided to share various wine quotes.

At Wineteeny we focus on style, unique wine focused designs, ethical production and wear-ability. Our garments are screen printed in the USA.

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